Winners of the 2023 Southeast Asia OSPAs announced at the 2023 Asia Security Exchange

Nov 10, 2023News

Bangkok, November 10, 2023 – The Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPAs) proudly announce the winners of the inaugural Southeast Asia edition. The prestigious awards were unveiled during the highly anticipated 2023 Asia Security Exchange, organised by ASIS Thailand, held on Friday, November 10, in the vibrant city of Bangkok. The winners along with the summaries’ of their achievements can be found below.

A heartfelt thank you is extended to the independent panel of judges whose expertise and dedication played a pivotal role in evaluating the outstanding entries. The judging process was meticulous, ensuring that only the most deserving candidates were recognised for their exceptional contributions to the security industry.

Winners of the 2023 Southeast Asia OSPAs:

Outstanding In-House Security Manager/ Director – Alvin S. Matabang – Maersk
Alvin supports the EHSS & Facility Division Manager as head of country security, as well as planning, leading, organising, managing, training, and assessing the performance of the entire security personnel. His focus is to work towards achieving the company mandate and ensure compliance to regulatory/statutory requirements. Judges commented that on an excellent strategic approach, Alvin being a well-prepared security professional, and worthy of this award.

Outstanding Contract Security Manager/Director – Andreas Karki – Amazon
Andreas has been contracted into a large and diverse global company with many challenges. He has approached a variety of tasks such as coaching, mentoring and diversity, Equity and Inclusion with passion and professionalism. In areas, where he lacks a full understanding he has reached out to the appropriate experts and re educated himself to a position where he can tackle these sensitive issues effectively. Apart from handling the above challenges, he has embraced the everyday operations of corporate security and added great value to the company, spearheading improvements in areas such as manpower, CCTV and access control systems. Judges commented that Andreas is an exemplary Manager, distinguished with high performance and worthy of this award.

Outstanding Security Team – Resilience, Security & Risk Team – Arup
Arup’s Resilience, Security & Risk team completed the design of a revolutionary AI-driven security management system for Hong Kong’s iconic Kai Tak Sports Park. The design fuses information derived from several security systems, including advanced video analytics, access control and intrusion detection to provide data-driven insights for the site operator generating a commercial edge to their operations.  Judges commented on the excellent Management Team acting as leaders.

Outstanding Contract Security Company (Guarding) – Securido Guard Services
Securido Guard Services Sdn Bhd was incorporated by the Commission Company of Malaysia under the Companies Act 1965 in 24th November 2008 and is a licensed Private Agency under section 2 (a) of the Private Agencies Act 1971 issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA). With headquarters based in Sabah operating with 227 employees throughout Malaysia with three (3) Board of Director, 17 staff and most of the officer and guards in Securido Guard Services Sdn Bhd consist of Ex-Army. Securido’s value comes from its motto which is “Trained, Smart and Different”. Great emphasis is placed on the first impression. Moreover, they take ‘added value’ as a key component of driving client satisfaction.

Outstanding Female Security Professional – Rosmarayu Binti Mokhtar – Cobra Force
Dato’ Rosmarayu Mokhtar is resilient and bold. In an industry dominated by men, she has been able to strive successfully in the security business for more than 20 years due to her resilient character. With personal success in a variety of field she ventured into the entertainment industry and helped produce an award winning film titled “Perjalanan Pertama”. She also received an award for “Tokoh Indusri Kreatif” presented by the Chief Minister of Malacca in 2023.

Outstanding Young Security Professional – V.Poowindran Raj – KKPM
Poowindran has been instrumental in driving KKPM’s sales management and workers’ wellbeing. His approach has garnered him recognition from employees and other stakeholders across the sector. Judges commented on his passion and complimented the documentation of his key contributions to the security industry that were clearly explained on the nomination form.

Lifetime Achievement – Eddie How Yan Chin
Eddie is described as a selfless, sharing, guiding person over many decades which is a testament to his much admired character. Eddie started his career in the Singapore Police Force, before working for some of the biggest companies in the world such as Sun Microsystem, Shell and BP. Besides working for such companies, Eddie found time to lead ASIS International, rising to Senior Regional Vice President and also volunteered as the Mediator with the Singapore Mediation Center for many years. Be it as a Regional Security Director, a mediator or a friend, Eddie has pushed himself always holding self improvement as cherished passion.  He sets the example and encourages the rest of us to do the same. His easy-going outer-self allows him to befriend easily and his willingness to always help others renders him a popular colleague in the security sector for sure but amongst society at large too.

I am both honoured and deeply grateful to have received the OSPAs Lifetime Achievement Award for the inaugural Southeast Asia edition. This recognition means more to me than words can express, and I want to extend my sincere appreciation to the esteemed members of thejudging panel and industry peers for this incredible honour.

Winning this award is not just a personal achievement; it is a testament to the collective efforts of an entire team and the support of mentors, colleagues, and industry peers. I am truly humbled to be acknowledged in a field that is dedicated to safeguarding our communities and organizations from potential risks and threats.  This accolade serves as a powerful motivator for me to continue pushing the boundaries of excellence in security risk management. It reinforces the importance of our work and the impact it has on the safety and well-being of individuals, communities, and businesses. More than ever, I feel a profound sense of responsibility to contribute meaningfully to the industry and society.  As I reflect on this achievement, I am reminded of the valuable lessons and experiences that have shaped my journey. This award inspires me to give back to the industry by mentoring aspiring professionals, sharing knowledge, and actively participating in initiatives that promote innovation and best practices.

Furthermore, I am committed to leveraging this recognition as a platform to raise awareness about the critical importance of security risk management in our rapidly evolving world. Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude once again for this prestigious award. It is not just a recognition of past achievements but a catalyst for future endeavours. I am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and am dedicated to making a positive impact.

Thank you for this incredible honour, and I look forward to continuing the journey of excellence together.

Eddie How

The OSPAs express gratitude to the supporting associations that nominated the esteemed judges, contributing to the credibility and integrity of the awards. The collaboration between industry experts and associations reflects a commitment to acknowledging and honouring excellence within the security sector.

A special acknowledgment goes to our headline sponsor, BluOcean Security, for their unwavering support in making the Southeast Asia OSPAs a reality. Their commitment to promoting and recognising excellence in security has been instrumental in the success of this inaugural event.

Additionally, Guardhouse deserves recognition for sponsoring the Outstanding Contract Security Guarding Company category. Their support has contributed significantly to the celebration of excellence in this crucial sector of the security industry.

The Southeast Asia OSPAs have set a high standard for recognising excellence in the security industry. The winners represent the pinnacle of dedication, innovation, and professionalism within their respective categories.

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